Crossing Borders

STAC and New Jersey: A Success Story

St. Thomas Aquinas College values the relationships that exist between the College and New Jersey, which has consistently held the distinction of the largest state other than New York for our applicants. In the Fall of 2019 to date, we have received applications from 14 out of the 21 counties and over 100 towns in New Jersey. Nearly 20% of all May 2018 and May 2019 graduates lived in New Jersey.


Fall 2019 NJ Applicants Profile (as of April 29, 2019)

  • Applications received from over 85 high schools

    • 4 or more applications received from 14 high schools

  • 10% of all admitted students

  • Nearly 21% of all accepted applicants from New Jersey deposited to St. Thomas Aquinas College

Why attend St. Thomas Aquinas College?

“Attending St. Thomas Aquinas College has allowed me to excel in so many ways inside and outside of the classroom. From small class sizes to close relationships with professors and faculty, you are not just a number here! By attending this school I have been successful in academics, leadership roles, and not one, but two NCAA sports teams on campus. If there is one thing to know about STAC, we are one big family! There is a tremendous amount of constant support no matter where you go within the community. Going to STAC has allowed me to challenge myself and truly find who I am. I will be forever grateful for all the memories and tools I have learned over the years to help me succeed in all my future endeavors.”

~Tyiana Nunez, Junior, Westwood, NJ