Current STAC Student Referral

At. St. Thomas Aquinas College, we have always felt that our students, faculty/staff, and alumni are our best ambassadors. The Spartan Referral Program officially recognizes individuals who refer students to apply and enroll at the College. For current STAC students who refer a potential student to the College, if the referred student enrolls at the College, they would receive a $1,000/year referral scholarship (maximum of $4,000 over their academic career). Additionally, the current student referring would receive a one-time $1000 tuition reduction. The referral award could apply to undergraduate or graduate tuition. 


  • All referred students must apply by the following dates to be considered for the scholarship:

    • First-year students - January 1 (for fall start date); December 1 (for spring start date)

    • Transfer students - May 1 (for fall start date); December 1 (for spring start date)

    • New (non-STAC) graduate students - May 1 (for fall or summer start date); December 1 (for spring start date)

  • All students can only be referred once

  • All individuals referring a student must fill out the Spartan Referral Form before the student applies

Other Important Information

  • This form must be submitted before the referred student begins the application to the College.  

  • You can make multiple referrals.

  • Each prospect/applicant/student may only have one referrer. In the event of multiple referrers, the referrer with the earliest time-stamped submission will be deemed the referrer and the others null and void.

  • St. Thomas Aquinas College reserves the right to change the Referral Program or the referral award structure at its discretion.

​We look forward to partnering with you as we enroll the next class of future Spartans!