Aquinas Leaders Program Objectives

The objectives of the Aquinas Leaders Work Scholarship Program at St. Thomas Aquinas College are student centered and may be expressed as follows:

  1. To develop work experiences over five semesters (200 hours) that prepares students for career or graduate school opportunities.
  2. To provide students with mentorship relationships on campus that provides them with insights for their career and academic pursuits.

Beginning with their second semester, freshman year students will select their semester long work experience and be required to work 40 hours during that semester (4-5 hours per week). These requirements are for each of five semesters (spring freshman year, fall and spring, sophomore and junior year). Students will meet at the end of the semester to review their experiences with the Program Coordinator. Students must complete their 40-hour work experience in each required semester in order to renew their Aquinas Leaders Scholarship.

A special section of STAC 101, a one credit Freshman Seminar required of all students, will be scheduled for the fall semester for the Aquinas Leaders Program. The Program Coordinator will visit students as part of this seminar to outline their work experience opportunities that will start with their second semester on campus.

Students will apply independently to the available work experience opportunities and solidify their choices prior to the end of the fall semester. Students may choose alternate work experiences or continue with their same experience throughout the sophomore and junior years.

The Aquinas Leaders will meet with the Program Coordinator as a group once per semester at designated times to discuss their ongoing development as leaders.

In their sophomore year the Student Development Team, under the guidance of the Vice President for Student Development, will offer a Leadership Development Seminar Series for Aquinas Leaders. The series will be open to all students, but required for Aquinas Leaders.

In their senior year, students will work with the career development office to incorporate their experiences into their resume and prepare for employment opportunities; and/or graduate studies.