Aquinas Leaders Program Benefits

 Students accepted into the Aquinas Leaders Work Scholarship Program will receive the following benefits.

1. Scholarship of at least 50% of tuition and up to 60% of tuition. The Academic Award level for Aquinas Leaders is $14,000 and an additional amount between $1,000 and $3,500 is applied to the student's account as an Aquinas Leaders Work Scholarship Award. The scholarship, between $15,000 and $18,000 is renewable each year after completing the designated assignments. (Some awards may be reduced for students receiving other awards from the college, state or federal government).

2. Work experience and mentor opportunities in the freshmen, sophomore, and junior years

3. Independent work with the Director of Career Development in senior year

4. Work experience opportunities at the college that can relate to the students area of interest

5. Early registration assistance

6. Leadership Seminar Series in sophomore year

7. A special STAC 101 for Aquinas Leaders Work Scholarship Program students in the freshmen fall semester

8. International students are required to be enrolled for one full year before requesting the Curricular Practical Training Option for international students. Starting in sophomore year, international students may gain the work experience under CPT and will continue into the first semester of senior year -- the same 200 hour experience will start one semester later than U.S. residents.

9. Meetings with the program coordinator.