Honors Student Spotlights

Graduate Stories

At St. Thomas Aquinas College, students are introduced to a diverse background in both the liberal arts and sciences. This background assists our students in developing into articulate, independent contributors to society. With this background, many graduates of the Honors Program at St. Thomas Aquinas College have found success in various careers across the country. The following is a snapshot of the many who have passed through our corridors over the years.

Courtney Gray '17

Courtney earned a BS in Psychology. Between her sophomore and junior years, Courtney was selected to participate in an exclusive eight-week internship at Temple University’s Cognition & Learning Lab. Upon graduation, Courtney began her studies at The Pennsylvania State University to obtain a dual Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience.

“STAC was my first-choice college. When I got here, I felt like I was home. STAC had a vibe that I didn't feel anywhere else. I knew that if I got accepted, I would go to STAC.”

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headshot of victoria perrotta


Victoria recently earned her BS in Finance from St. Thomas Aquinas College. In Spring 2016, she was selected to participate in an exclusive internship program with Sterling National Bank, where she worked full-time in the accounting office of the Bank and earned 12 credits - a full semester's worth of classes.

“I absolutely love this internship, and I got it because of the business connections our faculty and staff make on our behalf.“ Tori says. “STAC has enabled me to grow as a student, and as a future professional. It’s so exciting!”

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Savannah Finver '16

Savannah Finver is an “AND” person. She earned a double major in English and Philosophy/Religious Studies and worked full-time while attending STAC. When she applied to the University of Alabama’s Masters Program in Religious Studies, the University awarded her the highest scholarship they had to offer: full tuition AND a stipend. Ever the “AND” person, Savannah asked that she be able to teach in addition. Alabama complied.

“STAC was absolutely the best decision I ever made."

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Nick Piampiano '15

Nick earned a BS In Mathematics with certficiation in Secondary Education. Currently, he's educator at Eastern Suffolk BOCES in its Bellport Academic Center, which provides instruction and support for Long Island school districts. There, he teaches 9th and 10th grade algebra, geometry, computer science and reading and writing.

“My transition from being a student to becoming a successful educator was seamless thanks to STAC’s incredible education program.”

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Natasha Ireifej


Natasha earned a BS in Biology and a minor in both Mathematics and Chemistry from St. Thomas Aquinas College. After working at Rockland Eye Physicians and Surgeons following graduation, Natasha was accepted into the Masters in Public Health and Medical Sciences program at Arcadia University.

“My undergraduate career at St. Thomas Aquinas College has set a sturdy foundation for me to grow upon as I pursue my goal of becoming a certified physician assistant. The faculty, staff, and my fellow peers have all shaped me into a confident, hardworking individual who is ready to take on my next life adventure!”

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Joshua Beyer


Joshua Beyer earned a BS in Biology from St. Thomas Aquinas College and was a member of the Honors Program. Joshua is currently studying occupational therapy at SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

“The faculty at St. Thomas Aquinas College is outstanding. They are knowledgeable, caring, and without a doubt, some of the best professors I have ever had. Their ability to clearly communicate course material and willingness to set aside time for student questions definitely helped me to master the material and prepare me for my graduate studies.”

Alexa Fox


Dr. Alexa Fox earned a BS in Biology from St. Thomas Aquinas College. After graduation, she studied at the New England College of Optometry. She then went on to the New England Eye Institute where she focused primarily on the cornea & specialty contact lenses. Upon completion of her degree, Alexa started her career as an Optometrist at LasikPlus in Paramus, NJ.

“St. Thomas Aquinas College and its more intimate class sizes ensure that you're getting the interaction from the professors that you need when pursuing a challenging degree. You're able to establish a rapport with your professors and they're able to come to know you instead of just being a number.”


Brian earned a BS in Biology from St. Thomas Aquinas College. After graduation, Brian studied at New York Medical College to become a licensed physical therapist and travelled to Haiti to provide physical therapy to over 100 patients, many of whom had never seen a healthcare professional before. Recently he accepted a PT position at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.

"I would not be nearly as prepared as I am today for the rigors of physical therapy school and my certification exams without the extensive science background I received from St. Thomas Aquinas College. The one-on-one attention and personal relationships I had with the faculty forged a specific comfort that is hard to replicate."

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Huri Umran


Huri earned a BS in Biology from St. Thomas Aquinas College. Huri is currently a Ph.D. student at Rutgers University studying Cell and Molecular Biology.

"My experience at STAC has been nothing but pleasant, because I had all of the advantages of attending a small school without any of the drawbacks. My professors knew me and truly cared about my successes, and our relationship is such that I can continue to email them and ask for advice, which I know they will give to the best of their ability."