Pathways Program


Pathways focuses on developing the academic and self-advocacy skills of goal-oriented, self-motivated students with disabilities.

Pathways Purpose

Pathways started as “The STAC Exchange” in 1982 making the program one of the oldest in the country in terms of academic support for students with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders in higher education. The ongoing focus of the program has been to adapt to the increasing diversity of college students with disabilities, with an emphasis on individualized service. 

The goal of Pathways is to help students develop their own sense of independence in college as they prepare for their future careers. This includes taking on more personal responsibility in their learning, developing better organizational and time management strategies, and self-advocacy skills conducted through various forms of communication. 

Mission Statement

Pathways, a caring and nurturing community within the College, strives to encourage the academic and social growth of students with disabilities. In addition to providing educational resources – study groups, skills workshops – our primary mission is to assist students on a one-to-one basis in a structured and supportive environment. We believe that every student, despite a disability, should receive equal access to a fulfilling education. Our program animates this belief by inspiring students to maximize their strengths, become independent learners, and develop confidence in their own abilities.

Explore Pathways' Offerings:

Individualized academic support

Each student in Pathways meets with a Learning Specialist who will help sharpen the student’s academic abilities, promote self-advocacy and confidence. 

The academic support sessions take place twice each week and are tailored to meet each individual student’s specific needs. Learning Specialists will review course concepts to enhance the understanding of class lectures, work with students on time management and organizational strategies, assist students with developing their writing skills, and foster independence within each student. While traditional types of tutoring help students in specific subjects, Learning Specialists holistically develop the whole student by promoting the students’ academic and personal growth. 

Pathways students are required to attend their scheduled weekly academic support sessions and if needed, may schedule additional time with a Learning Specialist on an occasional basis, based on availability. 


Pathways believes in bringing our students together and providing them with opportunities that will enhance their skills as future professionals. Workshops, which may cover a wide range of topics such as Note Taking, Self-Advocacy, Textbook Reading, Essay Writing, Effective Communication Skills, Interview Skills, and Resume Writing, are incorporated into our program to strengthen our students’ abilities and prepare them for higher education as well as their professional career. While the content of these workshops is useful, they also give students the chance to meet others in their community, create connections, and learn from one another.


Once incoming freshmen are welcomed to join Pathways, they are required to attend a summer program prior to their first semester at the college. Our goals are to learn the specific needs of each student, to begin preparing individuals for the academic rigors of higher education, and to build a sense of trust and community within the group.

The summer program allows Pathways students to smoothly transition into higher education as they build their confidence for college, become comfortable within the college setting, and are introduced to a community. 


Pathways is a fee-based academic support program that provides services above and beyond those required under the law. Students enrolled in the Pathways program are assessed a fee above the cost of tuition for the program services.

Information on specific program costs may be obtained from the Pathways Office at 845-398-4230.