Pathways Application Requirements

A complete application includes the following:

  • A regular college admissions application with all supporting documentation must be submitted separately to Admissions.
  • The Pathways application must be completed in full, including specific answers to the application questions.
  • High school transcripts. Transfer students must also submit all college transcripts.
  • One letter of recommendation from a high school teacher. Transfer students may submit a recommendation from a college professor.
  • If you were a classified student, you must submit your latest copy of your Individual Educational Plan (IEP).
  • Documentation should indicate your classification, placement, goals, and the type of assistance received.
  • Classification is NOT necessary to be eligible for Pathways.

A comprehensive diagnostic assessment indicating a learning disability and/or attention deficit disorder and administered within the last three years by a certified professional within a school system or state approved agency, or by a state approved certified psychologist or psychiatrist. The actual psychological and educational reports must be submitted. Scores or statements on the IEP are insufficient. Section 504 letters are insufficient.

This documentation must include:

  • Measures of cognitive processes, including an adult intelligence test (WAIS-IV preferred), indicating average intelligence or higher.
  • Measures of achievement, including reading, written language, and mathematics.
  • If indicated, measures of receptive and expressive language.
  • If indicated, screening for attentional difficulties.
  • Identification and description of the specific learning disability or attention deficit disorder as the primary handicapping condition.
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses based on test results and observations.
  • Specific effects of the learning disability on the student's current academic performance.
  • Suggested academic accommodations and modifications for college. (It is important to recognize that post-secondary accommodations may vary, by law, from those offered at the secondary level. Pathways and College staff will determine which accommodations and modifications are appropriate for college, based upon the submitted test results.)

Please note: Certain accommodations for students with learning disabilities may be available through the college without charge through the Committee for Academic Accommodations of Disabilities (CAAD). Pathways provides additional services, including mentoring sessions, seminars, and workshops, designed specifically for students with learning disabilities. Only those students who apply to, have been accepted by, and enroll in Pathways may access these services.