Pathways FAQ


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What kind of services does Pathways offer? 
Pathways offers one-on-one academic support sessions with Learning Specialists twice each week. Additionally, Pathways offers workshops geared toward meeting students’ needs and fosters a sense of self-advocacy, academic and personal growth.

How often can I meet with my Learning Specialist? 
Pathways requires students to meet with their Learning Specialist twice a week for 45 minutes per session. Students may schedule additional time with a Learning Specialist if needed, based on availability.

How does Pathways help students’ transition from high school to college?
Pathways offers a summer program that prepares students for their transition from high school to college. During the summer program, students will move into higher education as they find a sense of community, learn about the college, and build confidence. As students attend mentoring sessions, they will be taught valuable skills that will sharpen their abilities to succeed and transition into higher education.

When can I meet with a Learning Specialist? 
Our hours are 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM on Monday - Thursday and 9:00AM - 4:00 PM on Friday. 

Is there tutoring available? 
Pathways focuses on providing academic support to develop skills within students as opposed to tutoring in a specific subject. The Center for Student Success offers free peer tutoring for all students, Please visit the Center for Student Success in Spellman 111 for more information.

Does financial aid cover the program? 
The cost of the program can be included in the financial aid package. For more specific information about this, please contact Student Financial Services at 845-398-4097.

Is my Learning Specialist available during the summer if I take summer classes?
Learning Specialists are only available during the Fall and Spring semesters. 

I am interested in applying to Pathways, when would be the right time?

We typically accept applications from high school seniors from October through May. We strongly encourage applicants to apply to the College and to Pathways at the same time., however, students must first be accepted by the College before the Pathways application can be considered. The Pathways admissions process includes an interview with the applicant, and students who have submitted all required documentation will be invited for an interview.