Pathways FAQ

*We're accepting applications for Spring 2022 transfer students and Fall 2022 freshmen.*

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What kind of services does Pathways offer? 
Pathways offers one-on-one mentoring sessions with trained professionals who have post-college education and experience in teaching. Additionally, Pathways offers workshops, study groups and career services to meet students’ needs and foster a sense of self-advocacy.

Is there tutoring available? If so, is it peer or faculty run? 
Pathways focuses on mentoring to develop skills within students as opposed to tutoring in a specific subject. The Center for Academic Excellence has a free peer tutoring center, which is located in Spellman 111. 

Are there evening hours? 
Our hours are 8:30 AM - 7:30 PM on Monday - Thursday and 9 AM - 4 PM on Friday, so many mentoring sessions do take place during the evening hours. Students are also encouraged to use the center to complete academic work and create a community with other Pathways students, which can take place during the day or night. 

How often can I meet with my Learning Specialist? 
Pathways requires students to meet with their Learning Specialist twice a week for 45 minutes per session. There are also “drop-in” times as well where students can meet with a Learning Specialist for additional help.

Does financial aid cover the program? 
The cost of the program can be included in the financial aid package. For more specific information about this, please contact Financial Aid at 845-398-4097.

Is my Learning Specialist available during the summer if I take summer classes?
Learning Specialists are only available during the Fall and Spring semesters to help Pathways students. 

How does Pathways help students’ transition from high school to college?
Pathways offers a summer program that prepares students for their transition from high school to college. During the summer program, students will move into higher education as they find a sense of community, learn about the college, and build confidence. As students attend mentoring sessions, they will be taught valuable skills that will sharpen their abilities to succeed and transition into higher education.

I am interested in applying to Pathways, when would be the right time?

We begin to accept applications from high school seniors starting in late October through early spring. We strongly encourage applicants to apply to the College and to Pathways at the same time. We invite students in for interviews as part of our admission process, so please leave yourself enough time to send in all the required documentation.