Pathways Program Application Process

Application Process

First: Ask Yourself

  • What type of college is best for me?
  • What kinds of accommodations and support will I need?

Second: Request and Review

  • Obtain a copy of the Pathways brochure and application by emailing us [email protected] or calling us at 845-398-4230. (Since we require that supporting documents, such as test reports, accompany your application, an on-line application is not available.)
  • Does Pathways offer the tools I need to succeed in college?

Third: If You Are Still Interested

  • Come to one of the regularly scheduled Open House events and attend the information session about Pathways. Here you will have the opportunity to meet with staff and current students. Open House presentations are typically held in April, October, and November.

Fourth: Starting the Application Process

Fifth: Continuing the Application Process

  • Fill out Pathways Application and mail it with all necessary documentation directly to Pathways as soon as possible.
  • Click on Application Requirements or see Pathways application for specific assessmentrequirements.

Sixth: The Decision

  • If the College accepts you, Pathways staff will formally review your application materials.
  • If you are eligible for admission to Pathways, a personal interview will be scheduled. We typically schedule interviews in January through March.
  • Within a week of your interview, a decision about your admission to Pathways will be sent to you by mail.