Test Optional

The global Coronavirus pandemic has led to the cancellation or delay of many SAT and ACT testing dates, and as a result, St. Thomas Aquinas College will not require standardized tests for our applicants. 

Students unable to submit standardized test results, or who choose not to, will not be disadvantaged in our selection process. For those students who submit standardized testing results, we will use the scores as one component in our holistic review of applications.

In reviewing applications that do not include standardized test results, the Admissions Committee will place greater emphasis on other required application credentials, including academic performance, the rigor of coursework, placement in class, personal statements, recommendations, and co-curricular involvement. Students who wish to further quantify their academic successes are welcome to submit non-required credentials such as Advanced Placement scores, predicted IB scores, or SAT Subject Test results (if previously taken).

Honors Program applicants are required to submit SAT or ACT test scores due to the rigor of STAC's Honors Program. Learn more below.

Given the many challenges facing high school students during this uncertain time, we hope this news will help to ease stress and concerns for students who have been unable to adequately prepare or register for standardized tests.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I apply test-optional?

When you apply to St. Thomas Aquinas College through the Common Application, you can choose to not disclose any SAT/ACT test dates you have taken or plan to take. This is all that you have to do to apply test-optional. Once your other application materials are received, your applications will be considered complete and reviewed.

How will St. Thomas Aquinas College review applications for admission if a student does not provide their standardized test scores

St. Thomas Aquinas College will take a holistic approach to reviewing all applications for admission and will review all aspects of the student’s record with a heavy emphasis on their academic record in high school, specifically looking at grades, academic rigor, and class rank (if available).

Will I still be considered for scholarships if I do not submit my standardized test scores?

St. Thomas Aquinas College awards many students scholarships automatically upon admission to the College, students who apply test optional will receive equal consideration for these awards. There are, however, several special scholarships and programs (such as the Honors Program) that require an SAT or ACT score.

Is the test-optional policy a permanent policy change?

No, the test-optional policy is a temporary policy change to accommodate students during the difficult circumstances created by the global COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize that many students could not take standardized tests, and we want to minimize stress and anxiety and ensure students have access to a St. Thomas Aquinas College education.

Can athletes apply test-optional?

Yes, student-athletes can opt to apply to St. Thomas Aquinas College without submitting test scores, the test-optional policy is also approved by the NCAA, athletes will not be required to submit SAT/ACT scores for the current cycle.

Do home-schooled students need to submit standardized test scores?

Home-schooled students can apply for test optional admission but are strongly encouraged to submit standardized test scores to assist us in the holistic review of their application for admission.

Do international students need to submit standardized test scores?

International students can apply for test-optional admission but must also submit a TOEFL or IELTS if they are not a native English speaker. If an international student submits an SAT or ACT score, we will waive the TOEFL or IELTS requirement.

Are there specific academic programs that require a standardized test score and will not allow me to apply test-optional?

Yes, our Honors and Aquinas Leaders programs will still require SAT or ACT scores to determine eligibility. For 2021-2022, no other academic program will require SAT or ACT scores.


Because of the rigor of STAC’s Honors Program, SAT or ACT test scores are required from applicants. The testing requirements are a combination of SAT scores of at least 1250 (on Math and Reading Comprehension; with no section less than 550), or ACT composite score no less than 27. The Admissions team and Honors Program Director will review the standardized test scores for consideration into the program along with the following additional required components:

How to apply for the Honors Program?
Students who are interested in applying to the Honors Program must submit a completed admissions application with all supporting documentation (i.e. official high school transcript, SAT scores, etc), and two letters of recommendation to the Honors Program by the high school guidance counselor and a high school faculty member no later than March 31st during their senior year of high school.