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Our students and alumni have passion, perseverance, and stamina—qualities that separate them from most. 
STAC’s innovative education, experiential learning, and close-knit community makes great things happen for students every day and helps our alumni make an impact in the real-world.

What our alumni have to say about us!

“My professors took the time to engage with me in course material and help me to study at a higher level. In doing so, they made me comfortable with complex concepts, challenging readings, and critical analysis. This comprehensive preparation made my adjustment to law school much easier.” Brianna Weaver, ‘17.

“As a commuter student, I felt the community was very inclusive. I had the opportunity to get involved in all types of clubs and make lasting connections with friends and faculty. The professor relationship is very strong, which helps you reach your personal and academic goals—they have an interest in your success.” Marissa Conti, ‘18.

“Sitting in a room with more than 10 students from notable colleges and prestigious programs I felt confident with my interview skills and industry knowledge. I knew STAC had prepared me for this important moment to stand out and I did! I landed a position at Ernst & Young as a financial analyst within the People Advisory Service Department.” Tim Ehardt, ’17 and MBA, ‘18.

How your STAC gift makes an impact.

“Support is crucial,” said Tim. “Without my experiences, which were made possible because of faculty and donors like you, I wouldn’t have been able to convey the powerful lessons I learned during my Ernst & Young interview. Thank you. You made my dream a reality.”

Your gift today helps students become the best version of themselves through access to scholarships, academic innovation, a healthy lifestyle and a strong community.
Together, we fulfill dreams and transform lives.

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