Parent Pride

Kelsey Ardicone at commencement ceremony with her parents

“My daughter Kelsey is a 2017 graduate of STAC, and my other daughter Alanna is an incoming freshman. Both of my girls are their own people with interests and likes which make them different students. STAC provides the opportunity for the girls to be successful in academics, clubs and teams that work for their personalities.”


Your child is on an amazing journey of discovery at St. Thomas Aquinas College!

At St. Thomas Aquinas College we appreciate the importance of a parent’s role in the student experience. We encourage parents to get involved and play a significant part to enhance each student’s journey through leadership and volunteer activities.

The aim of the St. Thomas Aquinas College Parents' Committee is to foster and sustain supportive relationships between the College and parents.

The Committee invites you to attend two events hosted by the College to discuss topics that impact our students’ lives, as well as have the opportunity to network with fellow parents and College leaders.

The Parents' Committee Mission:

  • Offer feedback to the Office of Institutional Advancement from a parent’s perspective
  • Advocate for the College as a volunteer and attend College events, programs and activities
  • Welcome new parents to the College and help inform them of programs, events, and educational services
  • Provide career or intern opportunities, if appropriate
  • Encourage support of STAC

Please complete the Parent Interest Form to learn more about on-campus events, the Parent Committee or to help with internship opportunities.

Please contact James Errico at 845-398-4045 or [email protected] with questions.