Earn Micro-Scholarships

Students interacting in and outside of the classroom on campus - Text overlay: Earn up to $48,000 in micro-scholarships

Earn micro-scholarships and plan financially to study at St. Thomas Aquinas College! We have partnered with RaiseMe, a website and mobile app that enables students from grades 9-12 to earn small scholarships tied to specific achievements such as grades, test scores, extracurricular activities, community service, and anything else that prepares students to succeed in college.

Note to seniors, the earning deadline is November 15th.

Preparing for college—both financially and academically—is tangible and attainable for students from different financial backgrounds through RaiseMe, it allows STAC to build strong relationships with students earlier in high school and motivate students to persist throughout high school.

How RaiseMe Works


  • Sign up at https://www.raise.me/join/stac to earn micro-scholarships starting in the 9th grade.
  • RaiseMe is the easiest way for students to track their progress toward our institutional scholarships or need-based grant aid based on specific high school achievements such as getting A's, participating in extracurriculars, and visiting college campuses.
  • RaiseMe allows students to build a portfolio of achievements and share those accomplishments with STAC.
  • RaiseMe helps students to see in real-time the awards that they are accumulating to our College and helps them stay on track to be competitive for admission to our institution.
  • Students’ earnings represent the minimum amount of institutional aid they will be awarded if they apply, are accepted, and enroll at our institution. These earnings will be automatically included in the students’ financial aid packages should they apply and be admitted.
  • A student can only access their micro-scholarship earnings on RaiseMe if they apply, are admitted, and enroll.
  • A student can depend on getting at least the amount they earned on RaiseMe in scholarships or grants from our College. The College may award even more based on the student’s full application.
  • RaiseMe has a mobile app that is available on iOS, and for non iOS users, the website is completely mobile responsive so you can access RaiseMe from your mobile browser on any device.


  • RaiseMe offers a free educator portal that high school educators can use to track students’ progress.
  • Counselors can use RaiseMe to keep students on track by allowing them to see, in real-time, awards for getting A’s, participating in extracurriculars, and engaging in college readiness activities. 
  • 2/3 of RaiseMe students on RaiseMe say that it helped with their college search, and over half said RaiseMe impacted their decision on where to attend college.

Learn more about our micro-scholarship program by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions & Answers page.

Or, if you’re ready to start earning micro-scholarships and build towards a rewarding and successful future, join here.