Financial Aid Award Notice

Once the FAFSA is completed, you will receive a financial aid award notice detailing your eligible aid.  Financial Aid is funding intended to help you fill the gap between your ability to pay (your family’s EFC) and the college’s Cost of Attendance.  On your award notice you will find two types of Financial Aid, gift aid which does not need to be repaid and self-help options which includes loans and work study.  Please refer to this Financial Aid Chart for more information. Also, as an additional resource, here is a Glossary of Terms for Financial Aid Offers

Once you receive your Financial Aid Award Notice, carefully review it and then simply accept or decline the forms of aid that make financial sense for you and your family on Banner Self Service.

Banner Self Service for Students

Login Directions for First Time Users

1) Using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, go to: www.stac.edu.

2) Click on the mySTAC link at the top right of the page then select Banner Self Service from the list on this page.

3) At the User Login Page, type your STAC Student ID where it says User ID. You must type a capital “S”.

4) Type in your Banner PIN. If this is your first time on Banner, your initial PIN will be your birth date in MMDDYY format. For example, if your birth date is October 27, 1986, your PIN would be 102786. Click Login.

5) If this is your first time on Banner, you’ll be prompted to create a new PIN. The new PIN can be any combination of letters (upper and lower case), numbers, or special characters. The only restriction is that it must be 6 characters long.

6) If this is your first time on Banner, you’ll be prompted to answer a security question. This feature will allow you to enter Banner if you have forgotten your PIN. For increased security, make sure that the answer is something that others would not be able to guess successfully.

7) Once your PIN is created you should store this information in a place where only you can access it. One suggestion is to store your Student Id# and personal PIN in your cell phone as a contact.

Questions or problems with logging onto Banner should be addressed to the Registrar’s Office Spellman Hall, Suite 101 ~ [email protected] ~ 845-398-4300


1. Once you have successfully logged into Banner Self- Service, please click on the Financial Aid tab.

2. Click on the Award link.

3. Click on the Award by Aid Year link.

4. You will be prompted to select an Academic Aid Year, please choose 2020-21 and click the submit button. 

5. Go to the TERM & CONDITIONS tab. It is important that you first carefully review the terms of your aid, then Accept the Terms & Conditions; you will not be able to proceed to view your award unless this is completed.

6. Click on the Accept Award Offer Tab.

7. Please note the status of your Institutional Aid, as well as state and federal grants will show automatically as Accepted

If all of your awards display as Accepted, there no other steps you need take.

8. If you have loans and/or works study on your account, here are your options:

a. Accept the full award amount by selecting Accept Full Amount of All Awards.
b. Choose Decline or Accept for each fund.
c. Accept a partial amount by selecting Accept and entering the amount in the Accept Partial Amount field.

9. Click the Submit Decision.

10.  The loan funds are hyperlinked.  Please click on the link for further instructions on processing your loans.  For more information on processing both the student and parent loans, please see the Financial Aid Checklist.