Scholarships & Grants

St. Thomas Aquinas College partners with its students and families to provide a financial aid package to help make attending the institution affordable. Over 90% of our students receive scholarships and grants as part of their financial aid package. Here you will find information about the various scholarship and grant offerings from the College, and outside sources.


Scholarships from many different sources are available to students. For example, your state of residence may award you a scholarship based on your academic achievement. There are also many outside scholarships available to students. Check with your parents’ employers, local organizations such as the Knights of Columbus and look through guidebooks in your college guidance office or surf the web. Helpful Web sites are fastweb.com or finaid.org. St. Thomas Aquinas also has many scholarship opportunities for you.

Visit our Scholarships page to learn more.


Grants are awarded to students based on criteria set by the College, or in some cases, an external organization or foundation. Some are based on need and others on merit. Some are based on both criteria. Federal and state governments are one source of grants, while there are other organizations that provide grants to qualified students.

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