New freshmen and transfer students are reviewed for these awards ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 (annually renewable for up to four years). Awards are keyed to overall applications, high school or college GPAs, cumulative scores on the Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) or composite scores on the American College Testing (ACT) Examination, strong letters of recommendation, and moderate to high levels of community service.

Grade Point Average
Students must achieve an overall 3.0 high school or college grade point average to meet eligibility requirements for an Academic Scholarship.  Students must achieve an overall 2.7 high school or college grade point average to meet eligibility requirements for a Merit Scholarship.

For new first time freshmen, the core requirements are four (4) years of English; four (4) years of social studies; three (3) years of mathematics; three (3) years of science; and two (2) years of a foreign language for a total of 16 credits. GPAs in these core requirements along with additional course work are considered in admissions and scholarship review.

Standardized Test Scores
Students must score above a 1000 cumulatively on the Critical Reading (400+) and Mathematics (400+) and score above a 400 on the Writing component of the SAT in order to meet the eligibility requirement for the higher level Academic Scholarships. ForMerit Scholarhips (annually renewable) the cumulative SAT range is 900 with the same minimum requirements for each component. 

For the higher level Academic Scholarships, students' ACT composite scores must be a 22 or higher, which is the average of each score for the English, Mathematics, Reading and Science tests. (example: 24+19+19+20/4 = 20.50). The Writing test is required for admissions consideration, but is not calculated for scholarship consideration. For Merit Scholarships, the composite SAT range is 19.


Students are reviewed for eligibility for our Honors Program which offers a 70% of tuition scholarship for up to four years (over an $84,000 value). Applicants must have a re-calculated high school GPA of 3.6 or higher in major subjects at the time of application; combined SAT scores of at least 1200 on the Critical Reading and Math sections with no section less than 550 or ACT composite of 27. Incoming freshmen meeting these initial requirements will be reviewed and may be contacted for an interview with the Honors Program Director. You may contact us about this program if you have applied to ensure that you are being reviewed for this program.


This Aquinas Leaders Work Scholarship Program is designed for students with strong academic abilities and a desire to gain work experience each semester that can be related to their academic pursuits. The Program is designed to provide work experience opportunities with a mentor for each of five semesters. Students are required to complete a total of 40 hours each semester in order to gain the experience needed for preparation for career development or graduate school.

An Aquinas Leaders Work Scholarship supplements an already strong academic scholarship that pushes the total award to approximately 60% of the student’s total tuition costs over four years.


Students with a 3.5 cumulative GPA are eligible for a scholarship worth 50% of their tuition if they are members of this national honor society for community college students and maintain their high academic standard. Please note some college chapters have raised their minimum GPA requirement, check with your chapter adviser.

*If a transfer student attended more than one college, the transfer GPA is taken from the college with the most transferable credits. PTK status will remain the same despite attending another college.


The 10k Alumni Gratitude Discount

  • STAC alumni are eligible for up to $10,000 in the 10k Alumni discount.
  • The 10k Alumni discount will be used to reduce the total cost of your graduate program only. No refunds are available for any unused funds.
  • If STAC alumni choose to recieve the 10k Alumni discount, they are ineligble to receive any additional alumni discounts. 
  • If STAC alumni are receiving a graduate assistantship, they are ineligible to receive the 10k Alumni discount.

The 10k Alumni Gratitude Discount and Re-admits

  • For students who are re-admitted into a graduate program and it has been less than 3 academic years, the student will be eligible for the 10k Alumni discount for the remainder of their program.
  • For students who are re-admitted into a graduate program and it has been more than 3 academic years, the student will be eligible for a prorated discount for the remaining credits of their program.

The 5k Alumni Discount

  • Children of STAC alumni are eligible for up to $5,000 in the 5k Alumni discount.
  • The 5k Alumni discount will be used to reduce the total cost of your graduate program only. No refunds are available for any unused funds.
  • If you are a STAC alumni and a dependent of a STAC employee, you will be eligible for the 10k Alumni Gratitude discount only
  • If children of STAC alumni are receiving a graduate assistantship, they are ineligible to receive the 5k Alumni discount.



These $500 to $2,000 Annual Scholarships vary based on high school academic profiles, intended majors, and community service histories. These scholarships were established by donors and the endowment interest generated on these investments yields a number of scholarships for new students on an annual basis. These awards are renewable, and all applicants are reviewed by the Enrollment Management Office. Students do not need to apply for these awards. Every student is reviewed and their achievements are taken into consideration.


The College participates in the NCAA Division II and offers scholarships to students based on the coach's recommendations. Scholarships are available in basketball, soccer, cross country, track and field, golf and tennis for men and women; men's baseball, and women's softball and lacrosse. These awards range from $1,000 to full scholarship. Students who qualify for academic scholarships, and other awards are still eligible for athletic awards. The College sets a limit on how much scholarship funds can be applied to a student's account, typically capping the awards to equal the total cost of tuition. In some case, the awards are permitted to apply toward a student's room and board costs, but generally the awards do not exceed the cost of tuition.

Coaches, through the Athletic Director, make recommendations to the Admissions and Scholarship Committee. The Committee determines allocation of funds. Students interested in an athletic scholarship should contact the coach or athletic director.


The College has partnered with the Lavelle Fund for the Blind to provide financial assistance through the Brother James Kearney Scholarship to legally blind students. The program is limited to a maximum number of students and students who meet the requirements are expected to apply for all other forms of financial aid before the stipend is applied to the student account. Maximum Lavelle Fund scholarships are $15,000 per academic year. 

For more information, contact the Office of Financial Aid or click here for more instructions.