Dual Degree Programs

Dual Degree Programs

Access to Top Local Graduate Programs and Hospitals

Your path to success starts here with our excellent science programs and continues through our long-standing agreements with several local graduate schools and hospitals.  Upon completion of your education, you will earn two degrees that can lead to a variety of healthcare careers.  As early as your freshman year, you will begin to work with advisors to chart a plan; by junior year, you will be evaluated and recommended by the faculty’s Pre-Health/Pre-Graduate Committee.  Qualified students will receive one-on-one guidance in preparing a curriculum, filling out application materials, and practicing interviews.  And, best of all, will benefit from early – and in some cases guaranteed – admission to these very competitive graduate programs.  You can obtain more information on all these highly rewarding programs by contacting the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences.

Healthcare Programs

Physical Therapy 
St. Thomas Aquinas College will prepare you for a career as a Physical Therapist through our agreement with the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at New York Medical College. Upon completion of your Biology degree at the College, and with the recommendation of our Pre-Health/Pre-Graduate Committee you may receive priority admission and seamlessly begin your graduate study. 

For Program Requirements, contact Dr. Steve Burns at 398-4176.


If you’re interested in becoming a Chiropractor, St. Thomas Aquinas College has a coordinated program with New York Chiropractic College leading to both a B.S. in Biology and Doctor of Chiropractic degree in five years!  You will work with our accomplished science faculty for the first three years, and in your fourth year transfer to NYCC to begin your first year of graduate Chiropractic study. 

Program Requirements

Podiatric Medicine 
Podiatry is a thriving healthcare career choice – and because of our relationship with the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, you could be recommended for admission to spend your Senior Year beginning graduate work at NYCPM – on your way to becoming a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. 

Program Requirements

Medical Technology 
Thanks to our long relationship with the School of Medical Laboratory Science at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ, you will prepare yourself for a rewarding career in Medical Technology.  During your Senior Year, you will receive full-time clinical education at Valley, an AMA approved School of Medical Technology.  This is a demanding and highly selective program, and our faculty will work with you to construct a plan to help get you there. 

STEM Programs

Engineering – Civil, Electrical and Computer, or Mechanical 
St. Thomas Aquinas College offers a five-year dual-degree engineering program jointly with Manhattan College in Bronxville, NY.  As a pre-engineering student, you will spend your first three years with us, acquiring the Math and Science background that will prepare you for the application process into one of Manhattan’s renowned Engineering programs.  With the completion of your fifth year, you will have earned both a B.S. in Math from us and a B.S. in Engineering from Manhattan in whatever specialization you choose