Financial Literacy Virtual Workshop

Financial Literacy Virtual Workshop

STAC student working in library seated at table. Writing, looking down at notepad

We know that part of being an adult is paying bills, saving for retirement, and paying off student loans. But adulting does not have to be overwhelming. The Office of Financial Aid will discuss topics like savings and how to make a reasonable budget.

Our Office will also discuss paying back student loan debt and loan forgiveness programs. Whether you are graduating this May, or in the near future, these are topics we should all be savvy about. All STAC students welcome!

Register at www.stac.edu/Register-Financial-Literacy

Here are a few preliminary tips:

  1. Make sure you know the terms and requirements of the loan and scholarships you’ve been offered.
  2. You don’t need to borrow the full loan amount offered to you.
  3. There are loan forgiveness programs available to you.

Have questions? Contact Cindy Garvey at [email protected] or 845-398-4098.