Giana Agri

Covid19 and Its Impact on Healthcare Work

Presented by: Giana Agri
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Carolyn Fraker, Assistant Professor of Sociology


The dynamics of healthcare and frontline work is rapidly changing under the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this research, I explore what makes someone an essential healthcare worker specifically in the fight against COVID and how this work has changed since the pandemic. This research reports on what healthcare work entails and the major changes facing healthcare workers during the pandemic, such as changes in: stress, mental health, physical health, family stresses, job satisfaction, and unemployment. This research centers the voices of those directly affected by the pandemic and what it means for their livelihood. For this research, I designed and implemented a qualitative interview study. Specifically, I designed a semi-structured interview guide, completed a research ethics training, and recruited participants for my study. All interviews were conducted over the phone to follow COVID-19 safety and precautionary guidelines. In total four individuals participated in the study, including a nurse, volunteer EMT, and various school nurses. I asked the participants questions about how their work has changed during the pandemic, the mental health toll of their work, and their overall work-life balance through pandemic life.  Based on my research, I found that many healthcare workers experienced extreme distress completing their work during the pandemic. This research could greatly influence general policy recommendations on how society can better support healthcare workers and steps that should be taken to prepare for another pandemic.