Ibrahim Elayan, Andrew Dacuba & Maria Henriquez

Why Do Borders Exist? : The Social, Political, and Economic Impacts in LatinX Literature

Presented by: Ibrahim Elayan, Andrew Dacuba & Maria Henriquez
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Maria Ann Roglieri, Professor Literatures, Cultures, and Languages  


Borders were established for the purpose of separating areas of land governed by different groups of people. Additionally, the physical barrier that borders provide is meant to prevent the illegal movement of various kinds of contraband. If however, the government under which people live in a given area consistently fails to act in their best interests, the people may feel compelled to venture elsewhere in search for opportunity. Over time, however, the term “border” has become synonymous with making others feel unwelcomed. This has led to the constant alienation of those who identify as LatinX, as they seek refuge from their previous lives in their home countries to the United States. In order to gain perspective on such alienation, it is necessary to delve into LatinX literature to understand the social, political, and economic impacts that borders create.