Katrina Ott, Ally Gauzza, Gianna LaRosa & Ryan Collins

Gender Issues for LatinX Americans

Presented by: Katrina Ott, Ally Gauzza, Gianna LaRosa & Ryan Collins
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Maria Ann Roglieri, Professor Literatures, Cultures, and Languages

Over the years women have been considered second best to men. As children, we were always taught in history class that women stayed home and men went to work. With the work of courageous women who advocated and proved to break these norms, they were able to reshape the identity of women. Although people still might not see women as equal in society in America, we are getting closer to this idea. In other countries, women are not treated equally and with as much respect as American women are, especially in Latin countries. Many women decide to leave and create a better life for themselves with greater opportunities by coming to the United States. Since America has still not reached equality with natural-born citizens, it is even more difficult for those women who come into the country not being born here; especially in a time where there is a lot of tension between US natives and those coming from LatinX countries. In this presentation, we dive into the focus of how LatinX women are treated differently in their culture in America, but also with their newfound “American Identity”.