Micro-Scholarship FAQ's

Q. What does it mean that St. Thomas Aquinas College is participating in RaiseMe?
A. Our college has developed a custom micro-scholarship program that students can earn towards on RaiseMe. If a student expresses interest in our college by “following” us on RaiseMe, and if the student meets our program’s eligibility requirements, they will be able to earn micro-scholarships towards your university.

Q. Can I really redeem these micro-scholarships?
 Yes - we have partnered with RaiseMe to allow students to track their progress towards scholarships from our college earlier in high school and to help students understand what actions they can take in high school to be a strong candidate for admission to our institution. If they apply, are admitted, and enroll, their micro-scholarships will automatically be included in your financial aid award.

Q. How does the program work?
 If you are following our college on RaiseMe, you will automatically begin to earn micro-scholarships from our program for your grades, extracurricular activities, and standardized test scores (assuming you meet the program requirements). In order to lock in your micro-scholarships during your senior year, you must be following our college, have entered all your grades (at least 15 credits worth of core courses) by our earnings deadline which is October 1st, and then submit your formal application by the May 1st deadline which is listed on our university profile on RaiseMe. We will then automatically include any micro-scholarships you earned in your award package.

Q. Key elements of the micro-scholarship program?

  • Maximum award: The amount of money that students can earn toward our college.  This number is shown in total awards (across four years of attendance) First Time Freshman Program - $48,000 Maximum
  • Eligibility requirements: Students need to meet all the eligibility requirements you set for your micro-scholarship program such as your minimum unweighted GPA and other factors (e.g. If you have a targeted low-income program, the student must also indicate they are on Free & Reduced Price Lunch and/or be attending a low-income high school)
  • Earning deadline: The college has a deadline date for seniors on RaiseMe to earn micro-scholarships. After this date, seniors can no longer accrue micro-scholarships for the achievements they log into their portfolio

Q. What exactly do these micro-scholarships represent?
 The RaiseMe micro-scholarships show your progress toward scholarships at our institution. To help students visualize their progress toward scholarships, we have assigned dollar amounts to common high school achievements and college prep activities. RaiseMe allows students to record your accomplishments and see how they are adding up to potential scholarships from our institution if you apply, are admitted, and enroll. 

RaiseMe earnings represent a minimum amount of institutional aid that the student can expect to receive from the institution if they apply, are admitted, and enroll. If the student receives a larger institutional award as part of their standard financial aid review process, this larger award will replace what he or she earned previously on RaiseMe.

Q. Are these new scholarships that your school is offering through RaiseMe?
Our colege’s micro-scholarships are not new awards or stacked on top of existing awards. The program is designed to show students a minimum guarantee that they can expect from our institution earlier on. Students typically receive a larger institutional grant amount based on their final application and financial aid forms than they earn on RaiseMe. RaiseMe breaks those larger institutional awards down and allows students to begin earning those same institutional dollars incrementally and earlier in high school.

Q. If I earn micro-scholarships, will they be deducted from my financial aid package?
 Micro-scholarships you have earned on RaiseMe do not impact how you are evaluated for institutional awards or financial aid. You may in fact ultimately be awarded a larger grant or scholarship. If you receive a larger scholarship upon admission (based on other factors like your final college application, FAFSA, and CSS profile), then your scholarship package will include the amount that you have earned on RaiseMe. 

Q. I earned micro-scholarships from your school on RaiseMe. Does this mean I am guaranteed admission?
 Students still need to apply and be admitted, but if a student is accumulating significant micro-scholarship earnings, that is a good indication that he or she is on track to being a competitive candidate.

Q. When do I receive the micro-scholarships I earned from your college on RaiseMe?
 Your micro-scholarship earnings will automatically be included in your financial aid award letter if you apply and are admitted. 

Q. I’ve already applied / been admitted. Can I still earn micro-scholarships on RaiseMe?
Seniors have until our earning deadline to earn micro-scholarships. Keep in mind that our micro-scholarship program is designed to allow younger students to earn a guaranteed minimum scholarship amount before they apply (after applying, students may receive a larger amount which includes their micro-scholarships and is not added on top of RaiseMe micro-scholarships). Since you’ve already applied, you’ll already have been evaluated for all available financial aid based on your application and financial aid forms.

Q. I earned micro-scholarships from your college but now I see that my micro-scholarship total is $0. Why is this?
 It is likely that your RaiseMe portfolio was incomplete when our deadline passed (you may have seen reminder emails before our deadline regarding the need to have at least 15 high school course credits with grades entered in your portfolio). Don’t worry though – we will still consider you for all possible scholarships and financial aid based on your high school achievements and your application for admission.

Q. I don’t see my RaiseMe micro-scholarships in my award letter. 
The RaiseMe earnings are not always called out in a separate line item. Rather, they are included in your larger institutional award. Based on your final application and financial aid forms, we have offered you a larger award amount that includes and is above and beyond your earnings on RaiseMe. 

Q. What do I need to do to make sure my micro-scholarships count? 
In your senior year, you need to meet the following requirements by our RaiseMe earning deadline date: 

  1. Follow us on RaiseMe 
  2. Add all courses taken (and input a minimum of 15 course credits) with grades to your RaiseMe portfolio 
  3. Meet the eligibility requirements for our micro-scholarship program that are listed on our RaiseMe college profile (i.e. whether you belong to an eligible high school, minimum GPA, etc.)

Just take care of those three things, submit your application for admission by our deadline listed on RaiseMe, and the rest will be handled for you.

Q. Who should I contact if I have difficulty joining? 
Our Admissions team members are here to assist you every step of the way.  Email [email protected] or call 845-398-4100.