The Thoma

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Do you love to write?
Take photos?

Join the school's newspaper, The Thoma!

Learn more about the STAC community and the world around you!

The Thoma is the student newspaper at St. Thomas Aquinas College. Students can submit a variety of their own works for publication, such as hard news stories, features, and editorials. The Thoma occasionally receives poetry submissions as well. Submissions are accepted all semester. 

Getting involved with The Thoma serves as a great addition to a resume and is highly recommended for students majoring and/or minoring in any of the areas listed below:

  • Communication Arts
  • Journalism
  • English
  • Creative Writing

This club welcomes all students of the STAC community.

Contact the editor-in-chief of The Thoma, Kathryn Cambrea, at [email protected], if you are interested in getting involved.

Visit the online version of The Thoma.