Parents & Families

Welcome to St. Thomas Aquinas College!

As a parent, family member or friend, you will find a great deal of information available to you about the College. The best way for you to navigate this site is to use the Search feature. Simply type in one or two words and it should take you where you want to go.

St. Thomas Aquinas College is a private, liberal arts based college, that helps students transform their experiences at the undergraduate level to a great start on their career path or a graduate program. STAC, as we are known, offers 100 different combinations of majors, minors and specializations. Students can major in Marketing or Criminal Justice and minor in Performing Arts, Economics, or Management, as an example. 

We strive to help our students prepare themselves for a world that will be different -- five, ten and fifteen years after graduation. The liberal arts base simply provides them with life skills and students choose a major and minor that points them in a specific direction.

Come for a visit and learn more about our three different Schools -- the School of Arts & Sciences, the School of Education or the School of Business. We will enjoy having you on campus as our guest.