Samantha Pisano

Voter Suppression as a Violation of Human Rights

Presented by: Samantha Pisano
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Neerja Chaturvedi, Professor of History


My Ignite presentation will examine how voter suppression in the United States is a violation of human rights. It will explore how voter suppression is able to continue although voting has been deemed a human right by a number of civil liberties conventions and assemblies throughout history. I will rely on information from the long-fought battle for equal voting rights in this country and explore how voter suppression has, and continues to, restrict and impact this battle, especially for targeted groups of minorities. Many still cannot freely or easily cast their ballot in the process that defines democracy, with a number of measures in places that restrict them from doing so, and my presentation will look at the root of these issues and the legislation/ lack of federal regulation that allows this to happen. These measures unequivocally impact the democratic process, and ultimately undermine the fundamental rights and ideologies the United States was established on, and I will aim to uncover how this is able to take place if voting is considered a human right. As a result of this, my Iginte study will examine how voter suppression has been able to be successful, restricting the voting rights of minorities since the nation’s very first election, and how it has developed and evolved into the censorship that is taking place today. Accordingly, it will explore the voting population’s responsibility and role in ending voter suppression, obtaining equality in voting rights for all.