Spartan Startup

Dear Members of the St. Thomas Aquinas College Community,

During these challenging times, our College’s dedication to the health and safety of students, faculty, and employees is of the utmost importance. We will provide the STAC community a very supportive and caring environment as we respond to the COVID-19 health crisis. On July 1st, 2020, my first day as President of St. Thomas Aquinas College, we launched a COVID Task Force, made up of experienced committee members from various departments across the College who have developed and completed a comprehensive Reopening Plan: “Spartan Startup.”

The COVID Task Force is a full-time effort with a high-priority focus on the safety and health of everyone on our STAC campus. STAC is a caring and “compliance-plus” campus. The purpose of the Task Force is to work collaboratively, make concise decisions in a timely manner, and develop a cohesive preparedness plan while operating within New York State, Local Health Department, and CDC guidelines. As the impacts of COVID-19 continuously shift in real-time, the Task Force has created a high-mitigation strategic plan, which is flexible enough to allow for constant refinement as conditions change. Our plans for responding to the COVID-19 pandemic are guided by our Mission and responsibility to our fellow Spartan community. Health and safety will remain at the forefront.

I reflect on the warm welcome I received by the College’s student-focused and tight-knit community — our STAC Family. Access to quality education is more important than ever, our dedicated team of faculty and staff will mentor our students throughout their college journey.

Along with our top-notch faculty and employees, I commit to serving and supporting the bright future of our students in a safe learning environment. Together, we will navigate and overcome the challenges we face and guide our students so they can become leaders of tomorrow — leaders with a genuine sense of purpose.

We are #SpartanStrong.

Best regards,

Ken Daly signature
President, St. Thomas Aquinas College

For detailed information, please read St. Thomas Aquinas College's Reopening Plan which has been submitted to New York State.

St. Thomas Aquinas Colleges’ plans for responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic are guided by our Mission and responsibility to our students, employees and the community. The Task Force is composed of key members of the STAC Community, under the overall leadership of Mr. James Nawoichyk, Director, Campus Health and Safety. Here are our guiding principles:

  • The health and safety of our students, employees, and visitors are our highest priority.
  • We will comply with federal, state, and local authority operational and health mandates.
  • We will sustain the teaching, cultural, and social justice missions of the College through both traditional and new avenues of endeavor.
  • We will act responsibly as stewards of the College’s property, assets and resources.
  • We will base our decisions on scientific evidence and facts.
  • In all our decision making, we will abide by the Mission and Values of St. Thomas Aquinas College.


If you see something, say something! The College has instituted many COVID-19 health & safety policies and protocols to keep everyone in our STAC community safe. If you see someone on campus who is not following the health and safety guidelines we have put in place, please complete this form to let us know.

*Please note: This is a working webpage and is based on public health practices at the time of publication. We are cognizant that science, public health guidelines, and local, state, federal requirements may shift due to the nature of the global COVID-19 Pandemic. As knowledge and understanding of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, St. Thomas Aquinas College’s Policies and Plans will be updated as appropriate.