Campus Ministry

Hello Spartans

The Campus Ministry office is an office aimed at enlightening the mind through truth. We do this with discussions about world events, activities aimed at human rights issues. as well as volunteering in local not-for-profits to help the community we are a part of. Our Dominican Young Adult chapter organizes interfaith prayer services for special occasions such as Thanksgiving, and gatherings around our Peace Pole to pray for an end to war and violence. In addition, the team takes responsibility for involving students in our music ministry and in the roles of Eucharistic Minister, lector, and server for our Liturgies.

After classes end each year, some of our students attend the National Dominican Preaching in Action Conference and learn the many ways to preach using their gifts and talents to bring the gospel to others. For students of the Catholic faith who may have missed the opportunity to receive one or more Sacraments in their earlier years, our Campus Ministry offers the RCIA (Revised Christian Initiation for Adults) Program. We have had students receive Baptism, Penance, First Eucharist, and Confirmation.

If you have any questions or ideas for mission work that we can do, please contact:

The Office of Student Activities
Director of Student Engagement
Nick Migliorino
Romano Student Alumni Center
[email protected]