Campus Safety & Security

The Office of Safety and Security provides continuous, year-round security on campus.

Safety and Security professionals respond to a variety of calls for help, from medical emergencies to criminal activity. Foot and vehicle patrols of campus grounds, buildings and residence halls, designed to detect any crimes in action, are made 24 hours a day. During these patrols, officers also report any conditions they notice that might pose a threat to campus security.

A cooperative working relationship exists between the Office of Safety and Security and the local police municipalities. Local and state police provide back-up assistance as requested by the College.

While College officers have primary authority to enforce laws within campus boundaries (including all roadways leading into campus), local and state police can enter campus and exercise their authority.

It Takes Commitment

Campus safety does not just happen. It takes the commitment and cooperation of every member of the College community, from students and faculty to staff and visitors.

As members of the College community, we share a responsibility not only for our own safety, but that of others. Here are three important ways you can help:

  • Watch for and report any crimes or suspicious activities;
  • Inform yourself about College policies and procedures regarding your safety and well-being as well as state and federal laws;
  • Incorporate practical, common-sense safety measures into your daily activities.