Career Prep "Minor"

STAC Your Future with your coursework! Here are two ways to use your registration course selection to help build your resume and start thinking about STAC-ing your future. 

STAC Skills Immersion Program

The STAC Skills Immersion Program is a 4-day, interactive, professional development program designed to provide key insights for your post-graduation job search. Through this program, you will develop your professional brand, learn search strategies, networking approaches, interview skills, and much more. Further, you will learn these things while working in small teams to prepare and present a profile of a company from Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Guest speakers include recruiters, faculty, staff, and career development professionals who will guide you through topics such as: 

The STAC Skills Immersion Program is offered during the Summer and Winter terms. Students and recent alumni who successfully complete the program will earn a certificate of completion. Questions regarding the STAC Skills Immersion Program can be directed to Shannon Hargrove, Director of Experiential Learning at [email protected].

Career Prep Sequence

The Career Prep Sequence is a 5 course (15 credit) pathway to help you develop today’s most highly sought-after job skills. The five areas of this sequence are based on research conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) – they  identified Career Readiness Competencies that employers across industries value most in new hires, and we have put those together in this sequence of courses.

The Career Prep Sequence is available to all students and the courses can be considered as free electives or may overlap with requirements for your major or minor, or sometimes even as Gen Ed courses. This sequence should be of particular interest to those in the traditional humanities majors, such as History or English, where the acquisition of basic skills in these areas can better prepare you for the expectations of the contemporary job market. In fact, some majors have enough Free Elective space to afford this sequence and a Minor in something a bit more focused, such as Marketing, Social Media, etc.

Please note: Some classes listed below have restrictions. Please consult Banner and the catalog (or your advisor) to find the right classes for you. The Career Sequence is completed when students pass 15 credits from these areas, by choosing one course from each category identified below selected from a list of approved courses. Courses should be selected in consultation with your faculty advisor.

AREA 1: Critical Thinking/Problem Solving/Design Thinking

AREA 2: Digital Technology 

AREA 3: Global/Intercultural Awareness/Social Justice

AREA 4: Written and Oral Communication

AREA 5: Teamwork/Collaboration/Leadership