Resources for Employees

Faculty/Staff Role

As Faculty/Staff, you have an important role in students’ efforts to seek help.  First, you are often in a direct position to observe students and be aware of their behavior.  Second, students frequently turn to informal “help providers” like yourself to obtain advice and support.  Although you are not expected to provide mental health services, it is helpful for you to understand the critical role you can play in:

  • Prevention of student problems
  • Being familiar with the signs that indicate a student is in need of help
  • Responding to student problems
  • Understanding the steps in making appropriate referrals

Below are some resources for Faculty/Staff.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Counseling & Psychological Services for additional assistance.

Click here to view Referral Guidelines for Faculty/Staff
Here are some basic guidelines for faculty/staff on some warning signs that may be present in a student who is distressed or in crisis.  There is also information on addressing your concerns with the student and how you can assist him/her in scheduling an appointment with Counseling & Psychological Services.  It is suggested that you become familiar with these guidelines and review them periodically.