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STAC offers a variety of student clubs and organizations for any student looking to get involved! From academic-related clubs to club sports to special interests, there is something for everyone! And if you think something is missing-start your own! (We can help-that’s what we’re here for!)

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SGA Club Liaisons List Spring 2018


Alpha Phi Omega 
Contact: Kaitlyn Gee, [email protected], (315) 720-6895
Alpha Phi Omega is an international coeducational service organization founded on the principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service. It provides its members the opportunity to develop leadership skills as they volunteer on their campus, in their community, to the nation, and to the organization. With more than 400,000 members on over 375 campuses, Alpha Phi Omega continues to provide more service on more campuses than any other collegiate service organization.

Art Therapy Club 
Contact: Johanna Bogensberger, [email protected], (516) 476-5029
Art therapy club is a club that is designed to release emotions and bring together the STACcommunity through the making and appreciation art.  Throughout the semester we plan on having multiple events such as paint and sip, a henna event, and multiple fundraisers to help support an art therapy organization known as Hearts and Crafts. We plan to hopefully collaborate with other therapeutic clubs during stressful times of the semester, as well as reach out to all members of the STAC community.

Business Club
Contact: Gary Peters, [email protected], (201) 207-6217
The St. Thomas Aquinas College Business Club is an organization run by the school of business that anyone at STAC can join.  We have weekly meetings and plan various on and off campus events.  These include trips to CNBC's Fast Money, the New York Auto Show, Bloomberg, the Federal Reserve and many other places.  We work with the KPMG mentoring program and other companies, and alumni of STAC to coordinate events such as mock-interviews, forums, and assistance with internships, and the ever-changing job market in the field of business.

Class of 2019 
Contact: Amber Lubaszka, [email protected], (646) 315-1055
The class board of 2019 wants to be the voice of the Junior class. Our goal is get people involved as much as possible. We want to listen to ideas, and contribute to any way we can in order to make your experience at STAC a great one! All the events and fundraisers we will be hosting is to help raise money for our Senior Week.  Come out and support your fellow class with the upcoming events!!  Have an idea for an event? Contact one of the members on the class board :) Follow us on Instagram @stac_2019 for news, updates, and information of the upcoming events!

Communication Arts Club
Contact: Breana Pelliccio, [email protected], (845) 521-1739
Comm Arts is a very populated major, and it also allows all students interested in communications to get a hands on experience that will help create a better understanding of the field. The club has been planning on collaborating with other clubs to create events and trips for the club members. Our goal this semester is to work with People to People of Rockland.  We’ll also be forming press releases and events, promoting fundraisers and more.

Council for Exceptional Children
Contact: Erin Albin, [email protected], (845) 641-9694
The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to improving the educational success of individuals with disabilities and/or gifts and talents. CEC advocates for appropriate governmental policies, sets professional standards, provides professional development, advocates for individuals with exceptionalities, and helps professionals obtain conditions and resources necessary for effective professional practice.

Dungeons and Dragons
Contact: Sean Russo, s[email protected], (845)-826-6407
Dungeons and Dragons, an intense RPG (role playing game) in which you get to create your own character and adventure out into a custom world. Full of monsters, evil doers, and even some kind heated folks. This is a game that keeps you thinking, and gets you to come back for more. So it doesn't matter if you've played it, heard of it, seen it, or for some never even known it existed. Everyone is welcome to come and try it.

How's My Deriving? 
Contact: Isabella Diaz, [email protected], (201) 665-0007
The purpose of this math club is to shine light on how math is a very fun and exciting subject. It will show how math is involved in everyday activities and how it can be used to make life easier. How's My Deriving? will accomplish these goals through math games, activities or even competitions. We will also discuss how math is featured in multimedia and pop culture. This club looks forward to uniting all math and non-math majors together through fun, educational activities. How's My Deriving? It's going to be as sweet as pi!

Laetare Players
Contact: Erin Durkin, [email protected], (917) 767-1350
The Laetare Players is St. Thomas Aquinas College's performing arts group. We perform two main stage productions per school year, a straight play in the fall semester and a musical production in the spring semester. Auditions are held at the beginning of each semester and no prior experience is needed. Those who do not wish to be apart of the onstage performance can either take part in student directing or be part of our stage crew and assist in set building, construction, and painting as well as assist with lighting and sound. The Laetare Players is a very warm and welcoming club to students of all theatre backgrounds.

Random Acts of Kindness!
Contact: Katherine  Mercado, [email protected], (914) 640-0423
Random acts of Kindness Random acts of Kindness focuses on doing randoms acts of kindness for the students at STAC as well as for  our community. We invite everyone to join our club and do good deeds for others around us when they least expect it. Some of our activities include raising money for those in affected or In need, writing letters to children in hospitals, especially during the holidays! Our goal is to inspire and spread positivity and compassion at STAC!   

Science Club
Contact: Devin Beckmann, [email protected], (845) 521-5609
A way for all students to bond through scientific activities in a fun and educational way. Recreate your favorite physics, anatomy, and chemistry experiments and demonstrations through competitions with your peers such as egg drop contests etc. Discover everyday applied science within our normal lives. Bring together students of all majors ranging from art to math to business through many fun events. For science majors, take this opportunity to become involved and familiar with your future professors and peers.

Spartan Scribes
Contact: Earl Minoza, [email protected], 845-536-2069
Spartan Scribes is a place that creates, fosters, and cultivates a love and appreciation for the literary arts as well as the skills necessary to thrive in the field of writing. It acts as a space for writers to gather and converse outside their usual classroom setting, develop ideas for their own writing, and seek critique and feedback to polish their work. Offering a variety of events, ranging from public poetry readings to writers' workshops, Spartan Scribes welcomes writers and others alike.

Contact: Justine Gizzi, [email protected], (845) 608-0379
STACAPELLA is a co-ed acapella performing group at St. Thomas Aquinas College. This is STACAPELLA's second year running. We meet a once a week in Sullivan Theatre. We prepare approximately  four acapella pieces to perform at our concert each semester. We also perform for local high schools and organizations in Rockland and Bergen Counties. STACAPELLA is open to all students on campus and you do not need to have any prior experience to join! 

Therapeutic Recreation Club 
Contact: Nicole Wagner, [email protected], (845) 837-9585
The purpose of the therapeutic recreation club is to bring awareness to the field. The club focuses on specific activities that address one of the psychological domains: emotional, socially, physically, and cognitively. Each activity the club will do will give each student an opportunity to achieve a better quality of life. TR club will allow students to learn and understand the field of therapeutic recreation and have fun doing it!  

Thomist (Yearbook)
Contact: Kayla Farley, [email protected], (914) 522-8334
The Thomist is a student publication organization on the campus of St. Thomas Aquinas College. Our primary function is to provide the college with a yearly pictorial that describes and reviews, in some detail, the academic year for our graduating senior class. We work in conjunction with the Student Government Association and various other clubs and organizations in order to provide the college’s students with quality events aimed at enhancing their experience at St. Thomas Aquinas College.

UnStoppable 2.0
Contact: Michael Rappo, m[email protected], (551) 795-7188
UnStoppable 2.0 is an organization I created 3 years ago at my high school when an unfortunate event happened which was the loss of my uncle to the deadly disease called cancer. My view point for the organization is not to fund money along with raising it to send it to find a cure but to have an impact on a child who is going through the disease. I want to help the child in ways that many people do not see which is put a smile on his/her face and be there for them and there family while going through such a difficult time in their life. I want to be able to ease the pain and let them be able to not have to worry about dying for a little bit and worry about being a kid again. I am no doctor but in my eyes all a child needs is a little smile and motivation to keep fighting and that's the best medicine there is. 

WSTK Spartan Radio
Contact: Matthew Trento, [email protected], (201) 675-6155
WSTK is one of the largest run student media organizations on the campus of St. Thomas Aquinas College. Our primary functions are to provide the college with music and entertainment via weekly radio programs, as well as the latest local, national and campus news and information. We work in conjunction with the Student Government Association and various other clubs and organizations in order to provide the college’s students with quality events aimed at enhancing their experience at St. Thomas Aquinas College. The station and its membership adhere to strict broadcast guidelines set forth by station management, the college administration and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

TIER II ORGANIZATIONS (Advanced recognition)


TIER III ORGANIZATIONS (Basic recognition)

African Student Association
Contact: Nefertiti Moore, n[email protected], (646) 684-8821
An association that aims to spread awareness about the different ethnic and cultural groups in Africa.  The goal is to educate STAC and the community on issues that are concerning Africa such as both political and social. This is a multicultural group where all are welcomed.The ASA group strives to create a comfortable atmosphere to promote unity, social, cultural and educational aspirations among African students and a diversity of students on the STAC Campus.  We do this through our various educational events and activities.

APOSA Vision
Contact: Doris Osei, [email protected], (845) 535-9307
The APOSA Vision is raising an army of men and women, both young and old, who knows Christ EXPERIENTIALLY, to be used by God to revive, restore, strengthen and ensure the growth of the church which is the body of Christ and to be prepared for His second coming, creating a meaningful impact in their world and progressively advance and develop in every facet of LIFE.

Art Club
Contact: Joseph Sheehy, [email protected], (201) 961-4304
A club for traditional and digital artists to get together and show off their artistic skills! Members can draw whatever they want (as long as it's appropriate for school) and get helpful advice from artists that have been drawing longer then they have. This club may also help students make new friends by giving them the chance to work together and combining their thoughts to create amazing artwork! No matter who you are you have the potential to create something awesome!

Association of STAC Skaters 
Contact: Josh Watkins, [email protected], (631) 897-7331
The association of stac skater’s main purpose is to build a true skateboarding community on the STAC campus. Our club will allow students to come together and share their love for the sport. Skateboarding has been growing and is huge right now so it’s about time STAC had their own club for it. There will be a variety of activities such as How-To lessons where we will teach you the basics and fundamentals. For those who are experienced, there will be more advanced tricks with Games of S.K.A.T.E. to showcase their skill. In addition, we will travel to local skateparks and possibly see skate events like Street League – a nationwide skateboarding event where the best skaters on the planet skate in competition. Safety is our number one priority and we will make sure members stay in their limits. Skateboarding is exciting and very exhilarating. We are stoked to share that same feeling with STAC students.

Class of 2020
Contact: Meaghan Burke, m[email protected], (518) 915-5850
Help and support the class of 2020 to give the sophomore class a voice. As well as improve and make Saint Thomas Aquinas College a better place. As well as to improve the atmosphere here on campus. Give the student body a voice on campus and listen to their advice that they provide to the class of 2020. Make STAC  a more enjoyable college experience for everyone. All the fundraisers the class of 2020 plans go towards the fund for senior week.

Class of 2021
Contact: Michael  Rappo, m[email protected]  (551) 795-7188
We represent the class of 2021 with fun activities, fundraisers, and much more. We are looking to benefit the class and our school to create a fun and exciting environment where  students have a world with endless opportunities and their imagination can run free. All fundraisers will support the class of 2021 and will go towards senior week. So make sure each for each event you come out and support our class and our home.

Criminal Justice Club
Contact: Victoria Alpegiani, [email protected], (845) 521-4769
This club is designed to bring students together under the same umbrella of study in order to create networking opportunities among their peers as well as among numerous professionals from different areas of Criminal Justice. Field trips and guest speakers will be central to the club. To further enhance the academic success of students taking criminal justice classes, there will be study groups created. The goal of this club is to expand student knowledge of criminal justice and to provide networking opportunities as well as exposing students to the many different jobs criminal justice has to offer.

The Education Club        
Contact: Nick DiPietro, [email protected], (845) 213-0138
The Education Club is open to all education majors at any level and anyone else interested in education or teaching. Our club will provide a way to network with other teachers in the field as well as other students interested in entering the field of education. We will be inviting guest speakers and conducting teaching workshops as well as organizing activities both in our community and at the college. We hope that with this club we can help all of its members gain the experience needed to have a successful teaching career after graduation.

Fantasy Sports Leagues
Contact: Sam Naveran, [email protected], (914) 312-7363
This club is focused on fantasy sports. We will discuss values of each player for the various different leagues. I would also like to start up different leagues; like baseball, hockey, football, and basketball. Those will be the main 4 that we focus on. But since we are in school during the winter, it will more be focused on hockey, football, and basketball. I would like to make it a competitive league and hope this is successful. We will also watch the various games on tv and discuss stats as the games go on.

Forensic Science Club
Contact: Hayley Murphy, [email protected], (631) 560-9295
Ever wondered what happens when the cops take down the yellow tape? The forensic science club celebrates the work behind the scenes of CSI, NCIS, and real world criminal investigations. From fingerprints to blood spatter, from easy, DIY techniques to the professional technology, come see what it really takes to solve a crime using science. Members put their detective skills to the test in field trips to the escape room or at our annual murder mystery dinner, Clue.

Gender & Sexuality Alliance
Contact: Grace Carter, [email protected], (847) 730-7187
GSA is a club for discussing, learning, and educating others about LGBTQ issues. It aims to be a safe space for LGBTQ and allies at STAC. The GSA club will gather once a month (dates and times TBD). Activities will include discourse (participation not mandatory), reading articles, watching LGBTQ documentaries/movies, and simply celebrating Pride! All allies of LGBTQ are welcome! Members are encouraged to bring food items and snacks to share, but not necessary to join.  

International Cultures Club
Contact: Viet Nguyen Hoang, [email protected], (347) 744-5460
The International Cultures Club seeks to: Promote cross cultural understanding between students from different nations and ethnic groups. Provide a platform for the sharing of cultural experience between students Every students of St. Thomas Aquinas College are welcome to join our club, regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, or handicap. In addition, every international students are welcome to come forth with their concerns, questions, and request for assistance with regards to settling into the college. Our Executive Board Members are more than happy to assist.

The Movie Discussion Club
Contact: Ryan Griffin, [email protected], (201)-290-5049
The Movie Discussion Club is a club where we have a discussion/question seminar about different types of movies. You are free and welcome to bring your own food and drinks for everyone to share with. The club is free and open to ALL STAC students, whether you are a commuter or a resident student. It doesn’t matter what movie we’ll discuss or if you’re a big movie buff or not; just as long as you understand the film and most importantly HAVE FUN!

Muay Thai & Fitness Club
Contact: Christopher Rodriguez, [email protected], (845) 826-4959
A club to introduce the students of STAC enrolled to learn a new skill, develop self-discipline, humility, co-operation skills, mental and physical strength, reduce stress and promote fitness.  Muay Thai or Thai boxing is a martial and sport from Thailand, also known as the art of 8 limbs. It is a combat sport that uses the hands, elbows, knees and shins to strike. Students will learn how to throw proper strikes with control and form from someone who's been competing actively and teaching for the last 4 years. Activities will include technical drills, calisthenics, plyometrics and padwork.

Contact: Katherine Panfilov, [email protected], (201) 917-8080
NERD Club NERD stands for Never Ever Regret Dorkiness. We are a club dedicated to Nerd Culture, such as video games, TV shows, anime, card games, board games, cartoons and more! We meet on Thursdays from 7 to 9 pm in Costello 104. We also have events planned for the semester, such as Retro Night, Halloween movie night, etc. We also plan to have an upcoming tournament and a card game fundraiser, so be on the lookout for any events the NERD club has planned!

Ping Pong Club
Contact: Billy  Dellasorte, [email protected], (914) 482-4858
Me and my roommates play ping-pong almost every night and we thought it would be a good idea to make a club. Not just my roommates but my house mates enjoy playing too.  You don't have to be good or bad to join the club you just have to come hangout get your mind off of school work and assignments. That's the main idea of this club. Some clubs can be stressful and put a burden on students so I made this club to be totally stress free and just for students to enjoy themselves after a long day of school.

Spartan Volunteers
Contact: Gina  Velardi, [email protected], (845) 709-2121
Spartan Volunteers takes part in volunteer opportunities around Rockland County, around STAC, as well as, raising money and donating for larger charity organizations. Some volunteering includes, midnight runs in Manhattan, having events around campus to raise money for larger charity organizations, town clean ups, and much more. We are very open to any ideas from peers and faculty. Spartan Volunteers collaborates with several other volunteer groups around campus, therefore, we can help and support to the best of our ability. The club as a large group of students that want to help the community and do anything they can to help people in need.

STAC Readers
Contact: Maya Caban, [email protected], (845) 269-9727
STAC readers is a club for readers of all kinds. No matter the genre or type of book you're reading, we will discuss new books, old books, and our favorites. (You don't need to be an active reader to join, anyone who likes or love books is welcome!) We also want to host a few events every semester, such as giveaways! Be on the look out for all of the events from us this semester and onward!

STAC Singers
Contact: Lucia Ponce, [email protected], (347) 831-7704
STAC Singers is a club that could also be taken as a class that meets every Thursday at 2:35 in Sullivan Theater (Maguire 111). A variety of songs are sung from different time periods as well as genres. We also perform a concert once every semester. You are divided in sections based on your vocals, for example women are separated into alto or soprano, as well as men. It's also a great way to meet new people who love to do the same thing as you.

Video Game Development Club
Contact: Nelson Ramirez, [email protected], (917) 669-0721
This club is designed to help bring students who want to make games and/or learn how to make games using various programs such as unity, game maker pro, blender, and UNREAL engine. We will discuss what components a game needs from programming, to music, and artwork.  The club is designed to help bring together people who are interested in game design or how video games are made. The club will also host some game competitions once in a while to promote how a game is made.

Tier IV Organizations (Un-Recognized)

Class of 2018 SGA Board
CAB- Campus Activities Board
Commuter Connection
eSports & eGaming Club
Psychology Club
The Special Effects Club
STAC Scholars

Thoma (Newspaper)
House Band

Student Government Association
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