Orientation Team

Tyiana Nunez

Orientation Coordinator

You may see our very own Orientation Coordinator just about anywhere at STAC from the various clubs and residence halls to the gym! This leader is not just about orientation; she is passionate about singing, sports, and getting involved all over campus! Tyiana “T” Nunez, from Westwood, NJ, is majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Forensic Psychology. She represents STAC as an athlete for the school’s Track and Field and Women’s Triathlon teams. T is a Resident Assistant as well as a student representative on the Board of Trustees. This is her third-year as an OL and second year occupying this leadership position. She says that when she is not studying in the classroom or in the gym, you can find her singing!

Alisa Schray

Do you love getting dressed up, whether it’s for special occasions or even just because you love to? You can find this next OL wearing dresses and accentuating her style on any typical day here at STAC! Alisa Schray is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Forensic Psychology. This second-year OL is also the Secretary of the Student Government Association (SGA), as well as a member of Unstoppable 2.0 and the Science Club. Alisa says that she looks forward to both meeting and forming bonds with her OL team and incoming students alike.

Cheyenne Fererri

If you love to travel or need recommendations of where to go on vacation, this OL can definitely tell you! Cheyenne Fererri says that she has travelled to several islands and has been on two cruises! This first-year OL helps with interior design for orientation. She is from Westwood, NJ and is majoring in Education with a concentration in English. Cheyenne says that she looks forward to not only serving as a leader, but also meeting new people.

Eileen Pintado

If you love nature, traveling and going on adventures, you’ll find a friend in this next OL! Eileen Pintado is from Westchester, NY and is majoring in Biology. She is a member of the Future Leaders in Healthcare (FLIHC) as well as the Science Club.
This first-year OL completes customer service work for the team! Eileen always loves trying new things and says that she looks forward to assisting new students and becoming a leader as an OL.

Isabella Szklany

If you plan on being a resident at STAC, Isabella “Izzy” Szklany just may be your Resident Assistant (RA)! This first-year OL is from Sloatsburg, NY and she knows a lot about getting involved on campus. Izzy is majoring in Communications Arts with a concentration in Social and Interactive Media and is thinking of dual minoring in Public Relations and Psychology. She serves as President of the Communication Arts Club, writes for The Thomas, and works on the board for her class in the Student Government Association (SGA). Izzy says that she is committed to making orientation fun for prospective students and is looking forward to helping them!

Julia Sibley

It is pretty unique to have a pet duck. Well, this OL has seven, plus two dogs and two cats! You can call Julia Sibley “Sibley” or “Sibs.” She is a third-year OL from Highland Falls, NY and is a Criminal Justice major with a dual minor in Computer Science and Forensic Psychology. Sibley serves as Vice President of Administration of the Student Government Association (SGA), and also is a member of the Science Club, PRIME, and Unstoppable 2.0. Sibley says that as an OL, she simply loves being with the team.

Kathryn Cambrea

Singing, journalism, and writing are just three of the many passions of this OL. Kathryn Cambrea is from Emerson, NJ and is in her first year as an OL. She is majoring in Communication Arts with a Creative Writing minor. Kathryn is the photographer and biography writer for the OL team. She is the editor-in-chief of The Thoma, a writer for the school’s literary magazine, the Vice President of the Communication Arts Club, an Aquinas Leader, and a DJ for STAC’s radio station/club WSTK. In her free time, Kathryn loves to swim and write pieces for publication or just to hold onto. She is looking forward to helping prospective students break out of the high school mindset and grow in a whole new yet exciting environment.

Mackenzie Mortensen

Are you obsessed with Broadway, Marvel, or Disney? Mackenzie “Mack” Mortensen describes herself as a fanatic of all three! She is a first-year OL from Bergenfield, NJ majoring in Childhood Education and Special Education with a concentration in English. Mackenzie serves as Vice President of the N.E.R.D. Club here on campus. She is also involved in Spartan Volunteers, Campus Ministry, and the Laetare Players. Her specialty on the OL team will be contributing to the “Fun Squad” or team morale. Mackenzie says that she cannot wait to show incoming students what she loves about STAC and welcome them to this school!

Michael Rappo

Have you ever been to Lake George or wanted to visit? This place happens to be the favorite vacation spot of this next OL. If you love to help the community, this second-year OL is a good person to talk to. Michael Rappo, or as his friends call him, “Rappo,” is the founder and president of Unstoppable 2.0, a club on campus which aims to help kids with cancer. He is from New Milford, NJ and is majoring in Secondary Education with a concentration in Social Science. In addition to running Unstoppable 2.0, Rappo is involved in PRIME and is a Spartan Ambassador. He looks to pursue his Master’s degree in higher education as well as his MBA. Rappo contributes to the team morale as an OL. He champions teamwork, and Rappo says that he loves leading everyone together in order to achieve a goal through orientation.

Mike Bavaro

If you have a passion for baseball, spike ball, or surfing, you can find a friend in Mike Bavaro. Mike is from Westbury, NY and this is his first year as an OL. He is majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Marketing here at STAC. Mike is the marketing manager of the club, Unstoppable 2.0, which aims to help children with cancer. He also enjoys playing the position of middle infield for STAC’s club baseball team, and he is even in charge of graphic design for the OL team. As a new OL, Mike says that he is looking forward to both meeting and assisting prospective students.

Odalis Monge

This next OL is all about the fun of orientation! Odalis Monge is returning for her second year as an OL. She is from Suffern, NY. Odalis is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Biology. Odalis loves a lot about orientation; she enjoys how everyone has the chance to meet new friends and escape the boundaries of what is normally comfortable to them. Odalis adds that she herself loves meeting new people.

Samantha Pisano

This future leader of our country has a mission to visit all fifty states. Sam Pisano is a first-year OL from New City, NY. She works on interior design for orientation. Sam is majoring in History here at STAC. She also is a member of the club Unstoppable 2.0 which helps children with cancer. Sam says that she looks forward to making sure incoming students are excited and comfortable for their journeys at this school.

Samuel Naveran

Do you love the New York Rangers? This next OL knows everything about the hockey team; after all, “hockey” is in one of his nicknames. You can refer to him as “Sam” or “Sammyhockey.” He is a first-year OL from Rye Brook, NY. He has even been to Canada to watch the hockey Hall of Fame and the Toronto Blue Jays play, as well as see his family. His favorite movie is The Mighty Ducks, and he also loves the NY Jets and Mets. Sam is a Sports Management major, and he serves as the Vice President of the Dungeons and Dragons Club as well as the Chief Justice of the Sports Management Club. In addition, Sam is involved with STAC’s radio station/club WSTK and the N.E.R.D. Club. Talking about any of his favorite teams is a pastime of Sam’s. He says that he looks forward to meeting new students at orientation.

Sharon Manzano Avilez

If you love dogs and going to the beach, you already made a friend in Sharon Manzano! This second-year OL is from Elmsford, NY and is majoring in Early Childhood Education. She is a cheerleader for basketball here at STAC. Sharon even serves as Vice President of Organizations for the Student Government Association (SGA). She emphasized how some of her own friendships have formed as a result of being an OL. Sharon says that she looks forward to being with those friends and meeting incoming students.