Student Government Association

What is the Student Government Association?

The Student Government Association aims to improve student life and ensure that all students have a voice in college decisions. They work to be the liaisons between the students and the faculty, administration, and staff. SGA is made up of all the clubs, classes, and organizations, as well as those students elected to represent the student body. SGA consists of:

  • The Executive Board
  • Club and Organization Elected Officials
  • The General Assembly (Student Body)


What does the Executive Board do?

The SGA Executive Board runs are representatives for the student body. They hold weekly office hours to be accessible to the student body, manages certain campus events, and handles other day-to-day operations of student life. In addition to their administrative responsibilities, the Executive Board works to oversee the student clubs and organizations and to assist them when needed. Its five officers serve one-year terms from January to December:

  • President
  • Vice President of Administration
  • Executive Treasurer
  • Executive Secretary
  • Vice President of Organizations


Meet Your Executive Board!

SGA Board Members smiling and making funny faces at camera--in AMAG gallery











Sharon Manzano Avilez, President

Sharon smilingYear: Senior

Major: Early Childhood Education 

Fun Fact: I love the beach.

Samantha Pisano, Vice President of Administration

Samantha smilingYear: Junior 

Major: History 

Fun Fact: I love to travel.

Hayley Kousoulas, Treasurer

Hayley smilingYear: Senior 

Major: Childhood Education with an English Concentration  

Fun Fact: I am a transfer student.

Anabel Garcia, Secretary

Anabel smilingMajor: Psychology 

Year: Senior 

Fun Fact: I love to cook and try different cuisines.

Eileen Pintado, Vice President of Organizations

Eileen smilingYear: Junior 

Major: Hospitality

Fun Fact: I am a volunteer firefighter and I enjoy the outdoors.