Student Leadership Awards

The Office of Student Engagement would like to honor the student leaders that are part of St. Thomas Aquinas College. Although we cannot celebrate how we normally do, it is important to maintain our traditions in the face of our new reality. We are proud to pay tribute to and celebrate amazing representatives of Spartan Pride.

STAC Student Leaders: St. Thomas Aquinas College relies heavily on the participation and hard work of our student leaders. From handling roommate disputes, welcoming prospective students, mentoring students all of these students have one thing in common, they make STAC a better place for students and administrators alike.

Resident Assistants — 2019-2020

Resident Assistants - 2019-2020

Samuel Auguste
Desiree Bermudez
Sylvie Bischof
Elizabeth Collins

Alyssa DeSimone
Maureen Donnelly
Anabel Garcia
Jonathan Meaney

Tyiana Nunez
Jose Robles
Alisa Schray
Isabella Szklany

Career Ambassadors — 2019–2020

Career Ambassadors - 2019-2020

Nghi Dang • Gary Peters • Taylor Trinidad

OCC — 2019–2020

Chris Valvo
Nghi Dang
Elizabeth Collins

Active Participants:
Melissa Alifano
Andrew Brooks
Franki Carr

Katie Healy
Brigit Mathew
Michael Rappo
Jennifer Stevens
Erin Weidel

HEOP Mentors — 2019–2020

HEOP Mentors - 2019-2020

Samuel Auguste
Dante Brown
Chanelle Manon
Doris Osei
Jennifer Zeas

Admissions Ambassadors — 2019–2020

Admissions Ambassadors - 2019-2020

Deanna Arndts
Samuel Auguste
Steven Chanat
Kessia Cineros
Elizabeth Collins
Maureen Donnelly
Nicole Faleri
Nickolson Francios

Samuel Gil
Mikaila Hulse
Samantha Hunt
Angelique Julien
Bianca Lafontant
Arianna Maelen
Emily Morina
Samantha Nierer

George Nkrumah
Tyiana Nunez
Doris Osei
Alina Pena
Christina Perez
Gary Peters
Eileen Pintado
Erin Preiss

Jessica Ragonesi
Michael Rappo
Nicole Shalaba
Isabella Szklany
Jasmarie Vazquez
Karl Weppler
Breanna Williams

Orientation Leaders & Event Leaders

Orientation Leaders & Event Leaders

Mike Bavaro
Kathryn Cambrea
Cheyenne Ferrari
Sharon Manzano Aviles
Odalis Monge

Mackenzie Mortensen
Sam Naveran
Tyiana Nunez
Eileen Pintado
Samantha Pisano

Mike Rappo
Alisa Schray
Julia Sibley
Isabella Szklany