Student Engagement

The student activities office exists to help you make the most of your STAC experience! While academics are the major focus of your college experience, we believe a complete and comprehensive college education cannot be limited to the confines of a classroom. The Student Activities Office has been designed to enhance the co-curricular life of the entire St. Thomas Aquinas College community and help its students become more involved. We encourage all students to take advantage of all that St. Thomas Aquinas has to offer. Whether it is through leadership opportunities, joining a student club or organization, or attending an event, getting involved will enhance your overall STAC experience!

Our Mission

The Student Activities Office (STACtivities) is a student-centered and experiential learning environment. We are dedicated to both individual and group development. We strive to promote student learning, empowerment, and accountability through activities, programs, and events. We provide the resources, guidance, and support to enhance student engagement and the promotion of a positive culture. Overall, our goal is to create a more vibrant, purposeful, and holistic educational experience for our community.

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