Faculty Scholarship Fund

A Faculty Scholarship Fund has been established to support students who clearly represent all that embodies our sense of purpose; to create a fund where faculty members can donate in honor of loved ones; and to design a selection process along with Admissions over which faculty would have control.

The fund was initiated by Dr. Robert Murray, Provost, and the terms of the financial support are defined by the St. Thomas Aquinas College faculty to provide support to students of distinction and assist them to afford a college education.

Dr. Murray shares his thought process here, " I speak not as Provost, but as a proud member of the teaching faculty for the past 22 years. Recently, a faculty member contacted our IA office about making a donation for a scholarship in memory of a lost loved one. This act of generosity and grace moved me to think—what if the faculty could collectively create a scholarship fund meant for a student who clearly represents all that embodies our sense of purpose?"


For your convenience, we now accept donations via PayPal