Kenneth D. Daly Scholarship

Margaret E. Daly

President Daly established the Kenneth D. Daly Scholarship in memory of his mother, Margaret E. Daly, who passed away on September 4, 2019, after a wonderful life of giving and caring. This new Scholarship created in her honor will give students the “gift of education” so that her legacy of giving will live on.

The Scholarship has raised $600,000 — including President Daly’s match. President Daly shares, “Like so many mothers from her generation, my Mom did not attend college but instead gave the “gift of education” to me and my siblings. I will always remember her staying up late at night and keeping me company with a cup of tea as I finished my homework and studies. I would now like to provide this gift of education to a new generation of students.”

He further states, “I am excited by this opportunity to build on the proud tradition of mission-based education — and to support students and families directly impacted by COVID-19 and the issues of Social Justice and Equity in our communities — while leading the College on a journey to meet the emerging needs of the workforce and society of the future.”

The funds help make a difference in the lives of vulnerable students who deserve this opportunity. Your donation — which will be matched by President Daly — directly supports St. Thomas Aquinas College students when they need it most.

Meet Our well-deserving recipients

Leah Kingsley and Darryl Williams, Hailey Galison, and Jaden Smartt, were all presented with the Kenneth D. Daly Scholarship. Read their stories.