Suzanne Clarke & Daniel Costello

Issues in LatinX America

Presented by: Suzanne Clarke & Daniel Costello 
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Maria Ann Roglieri, Professor Literatures, Cultures, and Languages

Throughout our studies this semester in the class “The LatinX Experience: Identity and Life Between Two Worlds,” professor Roglieri educated us on LatinX culture in our country today.  Through this insight she provided, it was clear that members of the LatinX community face hardship and discrimination due to their culture.  It is a very sad reality, but it is indeed a very true one.  Through our research, we found that because of this discrimination, many LatinXs water down their culture to try and assimilate in the United States.  In LatinX food, music, and popular culture, we found many examples of this sad truth.  In reality, close to every American came from an immigrant at one point in time.  Therefore, we should be welcoming this new culture instead of rejecting it.